Craft House

We have been commissioned to elevate a tired maisonette in Hampstead into a light, spacious family home with better connections to the large garden and new master suite. Located in the Redington and Frognal Conservation Area, our clients, a young family, asked us to help them refurbish the ground and lower ground floor maisonette to introduce natural light and blend the traditional character of the Arts and Crafts house with a modern, minimal interior.

We have designed an extension to the side and rear of the Craft House to create new purpose-built spaces. On the lower ground floor, the side extension makes space for our clients to work from home in their new dedicated office, providing the much-needed separation between work and family zones. On the ground floor, the side extension makes way for a new master suite, adding an additional bedroom to the home and allowing the existing master suite to become a guest area to welcome our clients’ international family.

We will be conserving some original materials including classic arched brickwork which will form the new interior divider between kitchen and formal dining areas. The interiors balance natural materials with traditional arts and crafts fabrics in keeping with the history of the home. The large garden has given us the opportunity to collaborate with Peter Williams Studio on a verdant landscape plan to increase the biodiversity of the Craft House, making use of the green spaces for both our clients and the local environment.